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Introducing our New Custom Designed RFID blocking Minimalist Wallet, available in a range of colors including Red, Army Green, Bright Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple and Silver to match your style. The wallet is made from Metallic material and has a Minimalist design that ensures it is Lightweight and Expandable without adding unnecessary bulk in your bag or pocket.

This wallet comes equipped with RFID blocking feature that secures your personal and financial information from being electronically stolen while you're on-the-go. It also has a money clip attachment which allows you to keep all your cash organized in one place for easy access.

You can customize this wallet with logos or designs of your choice or even represent for favorite sports teams to make it truly unique. This makes it an excellent gift option for any occasion - birthdays,weddings or even corporate events!

Get yours today and keep all your essentials safe while staying stylish!

FAFO Custom Designed RFID block Minimalist Wallet all colors available

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